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Gut Health Guide

Everything you can learn about the intestine and microfilm at a glance

In recent years, the topic of intestinal health has increasingly come to the fore in medicine. A healthy microblom largely influences the immune system and also the psyche. So that you can learn more about this interesting topic in addition to drinking kombucha, we have summarized all articles on the subject of intestinal health and probiotic foods for you. You can find other exciting blog articles in the Fermentation and Kombucha Guide.

Gut Health – Understand your microbiome better

We don't just drink with passion kombucha , but we are interested in all important topics related to the gut health . That's why we sat down with the experts from the myBioma microbiome analysis and got many interesting answers on the subject microbiome to get. Above all, of course, we were interested in how our kombucha affected our intestines. More about this in the interview!

What you can learn from your gut bacteria and microbiome

With the bestseller "Intestines with Charm" by Giulia Enders, the general public became aware that the Gut an undervalued organ is. We would also like to give him more attention with this article
bring against, because the many existing in the intestine microorganisms greatly affect ours
health and even our moods.

Live kombucha cultures for your intestinal flora

In the miracle of the intestine, which is around seven meters long
reside trillions of tiny organisms . These work right into the brain and serve as the most important advisor. What can you learn from it and how can we help the gut to stay healthy? Here we have put together some interesting facts for you!

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