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Kombucha-Fermentation und Wasserqualität: Welches Wasser mag der Scoby am meisten?


Kombucha Fermentation and Water Quality: Which Water Does Scoby Like Most?

Leogant founder Thomas Hartwig reveals all the expert tips on vitalized water to us in an exciting interview!

High quality water is essential for our unpasteurized kombucha. Just like our body, a Scoby realizes very quickly which water is particularly good for it. Water for fermentation should always be filtered and free from harmful residues. In our exciting interview with Leogant founder Thomas Hartwig you will get many important insights on the subject of water and water filtration. We also give you useful ones Tips on how you can filter and process your water yourself for kombucha fermentation at home.

The way to the Leogant founding of the Berlin water guru

How did you come up with the idea of founding Leogant. Please introduce yourself briefly!!

I founded Leogant around 12 years ago. The foundation was much more than a simple business case. More like a life's work and always with a very clear focus on a conscious business that makes sense. At the beginning there was always a very clear purpose: to give people a good feeling with good water. The business model was rather in the background. I myself am a trained restaurateur and later studied the Asian martial art Kung Fu in China. I've always had an affinity for good quality food and body awareness. Back in Berlin, I continued to do a lot of nutrition and exercise and followed a vegan diet. After doing 6 hours of sport a day, I quickly noticed how much more productive my body was with high-quality spring water from the organic market. It had such a big impact on my performance and regeneration that I couldn't get rid of the subject of water. In general, I slowly began to perceive my body more and more holistically.

It is actually obvious, because our body and our earth are largely made up of water. My body changed with high-quality water not only during physical activities and high-performance sports, but also in terms of concentration and body odor, I noticed a positive influence. Water is also very interesting on a scientific level. No substance has so many properties, anomalies that science cannot explain. With the founding of Leogant and our water filter systems, I have developed a sustainable and holistic solution to address the individual needs of people and would like to focus more on the importance of water on our organism. The whole thing with a sustainable business without compromises.

Wasserfilter in Kombucha Brauerei

How does the LEOGANT filter work?

I packed the first packages with water filters myself in my 20 square meter office. To do this, I collected cardboard boxes from all over the place in order to work as sustainably as possible. This sustainability, which was not as en vogue back then as it is now, is still reflected in our filter systems today. All components of the water filter are already existing products. Right from the start, I take a close look at what the market already has to offer, take the existing systems apart, see how I can improve them and put them back together as a newly combined water filter.

The 2-phase filter system

The important approach behind this is a very consistent natural approach or near-natural water refinement. Our 2-phase system filters and what is special it vitalizes the water. That means be in the first phasen With the Support of activated carbon cartridges, residues of hormones, drugs, pesticides, microplastics, parasites, lead, copper, chlorine and many other chemical and organic residues are removed. In the second phase of water refinement, the Vitalization instead, which turns tap water into living water in spring quality.

What happens to the lime in the water?

The lime content is often viewed very critically. Lime occurs naturally in water and contributes significantly to its taste. That is why we do not remove the lime at first, but process it in such a way that it is bioavailable to our body and does not accumulate undesirably. Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for humans. In the end, the hardness of the water remains a question of taste and can of course also be filtered if desired.

Have you dealt with kombucha before??

I've been a big Kombucha fan for years and was even a speaker at the first Kombucha Summit. The Kombucha Community is super inquisitive and has a remarkable sense of cohesion. Sometimes I miss that with the water experts. Good quality water is essential for a good kombucha. You can taste the difference right away. I work with some Berlin kombucha manufacturers and we install our Leogant water filters in their kombucha breweries. It's super exciting to accompany the manufacturers on their way and to influence their various kombucha flavors.

Kombucha Scoby in Glas auf Fensterbank

Why do you think filtered water is better for kombucha fermentation??

Differences between filtered and unfiltered tap water

In my opinion, a clear distinction should be made between water for machines and drinking water for people. The waterworks are doing a great job, enabling us to have clear water at any time in everyday life. Nevertheless, they understandably do not create spring water quality with their filter system, as in nature. If you consider water as a food, we don't all want to consume the highest possible quality?

  • Here I have two options: I either buy high-quality spring water in a glass bottle in the health food store or I get a water filter and prepare my tap water myself.
  • The result: Our body is revitalized and detoxified better than usual and of course this also has a significant effect on the fermentation of kombucha.

Effects of vitalized water on kombucha

Experience shows that filtered and vitalized water significantly improves the fermentation process. Just as flowers and herbs last longer with vitalized water, the Scoby is happy about the premium water quality. the Tea fungus grows faster, the alcohol content is different and the Scoby is not as susceptible to mold – and you get a higher quality vitalized kombucha.

Filtered water gives the kombucha a special taste

Depending on the type of filtering and the requirements of the region from which the water comes, the water quality also influences the pH value and thus the taste of the kombucha. The water shouldn't be too hard, but also not too soft. That is of course a matter of taste. The fewer minerals there are in the filtered water, the more acidic the water. This affects the pH level when fermenting kombucha. For tea and coffee, a little softer water is good for the taste. The tea mushroom likes it a bit more sour. Decalcifying water can therefore have enormous disadvantages, which then also affect the taste of the kombucha.

Laufender Wasserhahn in einer Küche

What first tips can you give our readers at home to improve their water quality for fermentation

  1. Always let the water from the tap run off until it is noticeably colder. Most of the dirt is actually in the pipes and fittings. This can take 30 seconds on the ground floor or 3 minutes on the 8th floor.

  2. Of course, what works first is that Boil water if you don't have a filter. Then let it cool down and pass it through a coffee filter to filter out suspended matter, limescale and dirt. This naturally downgrades the hardness.

  3. Semi-precious stones such as rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz can vitalize the water. Just add a few to your water in a water jug. It is best to always use the tumbled semiprecious stones, as the bacteria that have not been tumbled can get stuck in the depressions and they cannot be cleaned as well.

  4. Generally is to Bottled water It should be noted that this is even worse controlled than our tap water. Exceptions are some spring water from glass bottles, which you can usually get in the organic market. Examples are Preußenquelle and St. Leonhard.

  5. Start with the AVAIO table-top filter or another system from LEOGANT. With the Coupon code KOMBUCHERYXXLEOGANT2021X you get 10% on your first purchase inLEOGANT online shop .

A strong water community as a future vision

What is your personal mission for the future?

In my post Leogant vision, after 12 years in the water business, I just want to stand on the meta level for the whole exciting water topic.. I want to build a strong water community, because it is well known that working together is always better than against each other. Also like to develop great concepts around the topic of water with competitors and sensitize people to the topic.

KOMBUCHERY Blog Autor Merle 

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