Healthy employees=Healthy company

Surprise your team with the healthiest hydration:Kombucha

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Stay hydrated in the office

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage full of healthy nutrients. With only 12 calorie it contains up to 80% less sugar than typical soft drinks

Loved by international talents & expads

Kombucha is the must-have in every fridge in Asia and the State. Surprise your employees and international talents by going with trends

Quenching the thirst for good

Kombucha is full blown with good stuff so it keeps you saturated for much longer than the lemonade

Get our delicious flavor range into your office fridge

From pure kombucha, over ginger to mate kombucha - For every taste bud.

Refreshment without a guilty conscience

Have you ever wondered how you refresh yourself every day Sweetened sodas are unhealthy and give your body absolutely nothing. Kombucha is the new way to refresh yourself. The healthy alternative with hardly any sugar, probiotic cultures, nutrients and 100% delicious taste!!

Without but and other additives

Our Kombucha is created on the basis of a sweetened tea and our own Kombucha cultures. We use high quality organic tea and organic juices to make it. During fermentation, the delicious sweet and sour Kombucha taste and many important vitamins, organic acids and enzymes are formed. Always raw and never heated.

Quenching thirst with social responsibility

Social commitment has been a part of our lives since day one. Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. we build drinking water and sanitary facilities at a school in South Africa. We also bottle our kombucha in a workshop for disabled people and actively promote inclusion. To protect the environment, we use environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles and are climate-positive as a company.